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Advocacy born out of one of life’s greatest sorrows.

When Rachel was 28, her 35 year old husband was diagnosed with leukemia. Two days after she turned 31, she had to take him off life support. Wife, Widow, Now What? was born out of her experiences, research and trial and errors, all put into a love story toolbox to help you or someone you know through serious illness and/or grief and loss.

WWNW’s Mission

Rachel felt very isolated and alone both as a young cancer wife, then widow. It’s her goal to help you feel empowered, as you’re reading her book, an article she wrote, or listening to one of the 50 different podcasts she’s been a guest on. She hopes you’ll feel like a friend is holding your hand or having a cup of tea with you. Based on her life experiences, she gives you the guide that she wishes she’d had when she was in the thick of it all.

Rachel is a zany research nerd who loves to connect people to resources to best meet their needs. Her book is the at your fingertips guide to help you, your loved one or someone you care about through difficult times.


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