“Positivity is key. You can choose to be bitter or better. It’s not always easy to be better, but it helps you make it through to brighter days”

Advocacy and Outreach:

When Rachel published the book in the fall of 2020, she had no idea it would jump start and fuel her desire to share her story on so many different platforms, she’d be inspired to write articles and blogs, and that she’d be volunteering for different local and national organizations!

Fox 9 News Minneapolis/St. Paul Interview:


Rachel has been a guest on 50 different podcasts in the past year to discuss mental health, cancer, adversity, serious illnesses, death, dying, grief and loss, and moving on with positivity and gratitude.  Being a podcast guest has been a humbling and self growth process for her as she’s discussed the grit of her journey, while meeting cool people all over the U.S., as well as Canada, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, and to boot including a NBA champion, as well as Michael Jackson’s nephews. Each host has been gracious, kind and focused on helping others, which is encourages and energizes the mission of Wife, Widow, Now What?

You can find the podcasts by searching her name (there are too many links too list here!) on:

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“Grief is a rollercoaster, the same goes for illnesses. Once that bar goes down on your seat, all you can do is embrace the ride and decide how you’re going to adapt and absorb the shocks the best ways you can!”


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